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At Crown Antique Mall, we are a community of small business owners all in one place. We focus on selling a wide variety of vintage, antiques, collectibles, and more!

-  We have a phenomenal team of experienced employees to interact with customers, make the sales, and manage front desk operations so you can sell items without having to be there.

- We promote and advertise with a sizable marketing budget, a skilled
marketing team, as well as other professional marketing agencies. Some examples of the type of advertising we use are: billboards, newspapers, magazines, digital media, social media, customer email subscription, and much more.

- We host special events and sales, for example - celebrity meet and greets, car shows, outdoor markets, youth vendor markets, holiday themed events and special storewide sales, etc. - that drive traffic to our mall.

- We pay you twice a month for your sales.


What To Sell &
What Not To Sell

At Crown Antique Mall we strive to have 80% vintage, antique, and/or collectibles in each booth at all times. We know that seasonally it's nice to offer other items but should always stick to the 80% vintage/antique/collectible rule.












Crown Antique Mall is a family friendly business. We reserve the right to edit in each space, meaning we may ask you to take things out if they don't fit our store/theme/etc. - No guns - No ammo - No food - No alcohol - No vulgar or adult items - Please don't misrepresent items in your space. If it is a knock off, you need to tag it as such. - No illegal items. Any item that is considered to be dangerous or potentially harmful to our customers must be placed in a locked case within your booth.

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